Corporate Halloween Party Ideas

The spookiest time of the year is finally here and there are many different ways of celebrating it! If your business is thinking of throwing a corporate Halloween party or something of the sort, we have some chilling ideas for you. And if you need a place to host this Halloween party, The Historic is the perfect venue. It doesn’t get spookier than doing the moonwalk at midnight in a historic building.

Office Halloween Theme

There’s no better way of bonding with your coworkers than dressing up in a Halloween theme. It’s always entertaining to switch things up and play a different role for once. The theme can be a show or a movie, a team of sorts, or a vibe, such as everyone dressing up as scary as possible. It’s important to know your employees’ interests so you can choose a theme that most of them will have fun dressing up in.

Special Effects Station

Face painting isn’t just for kids. You or your event planner can source out a good makeup artist and have them paint your employees’ faces at the corporate Halloween party. The artist can transform your staff into goblins, witches, skeletons, and clowns. It’s refreshing to let out the demons once in a while…

Costume Contest

Why not add some friendly competition to the mix? A costume contest is always a great Halloween idea. Whether it’s just among the employees, or if it’s a couples’ or family costume contest, the choice is yours. You can even have different awards for the most creative costume, the best couple’s costume, the most adorable baby costume, and so forth.

Scary Snacks and Tangly Treats

There’s no party without tasty snacks. And there’s nothing more fun than planning spooky snacks for a Halloween party. The thing people remember the most about a party is the food. You don’t want to disappoint. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest and Google, so there’s no reason not to go all out on these snacks! You can have fruit punch with plastic eyeballs and gummy worms, or wieners wrapped like mummies. You can add a creepy picture or centerpiece and have snacks all around it. The options are endless, and they can be simple or extravagant!

Dreadful Decorations

To have a Halloween party, you need dreadful decorations. Skeletons, skulls, scary inflatables, spiders, spiderwebs, eerie lights, spooky music, the whole shebang. Hire an event planner or have a day where your coworkers brainstorm ideas and turn it into a bonding moment. 

Have a Spooktacular Time at The Historic

If you are ready to throw a screamer, come check out The Historic. We are located in the heart of downtown Palestine, next to the Texas Theatre and La Ingrata Bar & Grill. Our historic location has been through the decades and who is to say we haven’t picked up some ghosts along the way? Give us a call to schedule a tour of our grand venue. Let’s make your corporate Halloween party a spooky time.